Our “can-do” attitude is an integral part of our success. With an uncompromising focus on detail and priority put on structured teamwork, the Coastal team is unparalleled for its committment to completing projects efficiently. Our employees support each other and outside contractors to ensure quality workmanship – with no shortcuts – while sticking to schedule.




Our standards have driven three decades of success

Fortitude born from the unforgiving trade show industry

After years of growth in the sometimes fickle trade show installation and dismantling industry, Coastal International emerged into a new territory: construction and remodeling contracting. Our expansion wouldn’t have been possible without our dedicated employees and the knowledge they have acquired along the way.  With success in both industries we were provided with invaluable insights, placing us at an advantage across the board. Our management staff has the fortitude and skill to deal with the expected and sometimes unexpected events that arise throughout the course of a project.




30 Years

A history of dependability and trustworthiness

By providing our own skilled employees to fulfill a project, we bypass the risk of hiring unskilled, unreliable workers. We’re able to provide highly efficient, quality installations – which is why we earn so many repeat clients.