30 years of distinctive, quality work

How it all started..

Coastal International has deep roots in the tradeshow

industry.  In 1984 we identified a need and emerged in Las Vegas as a premier provider of tradeshow exhibit labor.  Through perseverance and the dedication of our committed employees, we continued to grow in this very dynamic industry.

While the world of tradeshows can be fickle, Coastal

International's proven fortitude set us apart from the rest.




National growth..

With the support and urging of our loyal client base, we expanded nationwide, adding offices and personnel in all major cities by 1990.  With a stronger foothold across the US, we were positioned to take on greater volumes of work in the ever growing event industry. 






A natural extension into related industries..

Always aiming to expand our offering, Coastal International began hiring skilled carpenters to fulfill non-trade show construction and remodeling requests. Soon enough, there was an entirely new division to Coastal International: Coastal International Construction Services.






Local teams, international connections..

Through strategic planning we joined forces with partners worldwide to ultimately provide our clients with expert construction labor matched with premium quality products.

We are unique in this industry for maintaining a staff of thousands of trained, dedicated project managers and employees. Utilizing our extensive network of suppliers from the US and worldwide, we are able provide our own products to further streamline our clients' project timeline.